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Transfiguration Church

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Transfiguration Church
Photo credit: David Torke, Chuck LaChiusa, Polonia Trail

929 Sycamore Street, Buffalo NY 14212


  • Paul Francis Associates, Inc.

Physical Description

  • Red brick 1,400-seat church in the Gothic Revival style.
  • Contains murals by noted local church artist Joseph Mazur.

Current Condition

  • Vacant and deteriorating.


  • July 23, 1893 - Congregation founded
  • 1896 - $70,000 church built with a 180-foot steeple and seating for 1,400. Polonia Trail
    • Designed by Carl Schmill.
  • 1985 - The school closes
  • 1990 - The church was threatened with closure
  • 1993 - Parish closed by the diocese
  • 1995 - Building sold to the current owner, Paul Francis Associates, by the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo for $7,000.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • January 2017 - City considers emergency demolition of entire structure. Steve Karnath and Jessie Fisher convince them that the only current threat is the cupola. They secured a "small emergency grant from the National Trust, and Kevin Connors did an engineering evaluation confirming that this is the only part of the building posing a public issue." The city agreed and will use emergency funds for cupola removal and shoring the roof in this area.
  • January 17, 2017 - Equipment is on site for cupola and roof work. Empire Dismantlement Corp. will do the work. PBN requested that the city salvage the cupola and place it in the building for storage.

Other Pertinent Facts



  • January 2017 - Preservation Buffalo Niagara is looking to assist with a new ownership structure for the building. Contact Jessie Fisher if you have uses for such a space.

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