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Lovejoy Theatre / Pool

Photo credit: Mike Puma ViewsOfBuffalo, flickr.rachael, Karl Josker


1169 East Lovejoy Street, Buffalo, NY 14206
Also known as 1171 East Lovejoy Street
SBL: 112.50-5-1
Lovejoy Council District
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Next to: 1173 East Lovejoy Street
Across from: Public School #43, Fire House Engine No. 28


City of Buffalo per City of Buffalo Property Information

Physical Description

Streamline Moderne style, single screen 800 seat theatre

Current Condition

Converted into a public pool and in use. Some recent damage to the corner of the east side of the facade is now noticeable.


  • 1940 - Lovejoy Theatre opens. Possibly designed by William Spann.
  • Per a commenter on Cinema Treasure, there were actually three Lovejoy Theaters:
    • The first theater, opened 1909 and closed in the teens, was a storefront, known as the Lovejoy Palace.
    • The second Lovejoy was opened in 1919 by Sam Rappaport. . This Lovejoy was closed in the 1940s.
    • The Rappaport family then opened the New Lovejoy at this location
  • 1975 - New owners took over the theatre from the Rappaports.
  • 1979 - The theatre closes and is converted by the City into the Lovejoy Pool.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Per a commenter on Cinema Treasures, this was the last new single screen theater built in the city of Buffalo.


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