Fronczak House


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1906, 1990, 2015. Photo credit: UB Librarian Molly Poremski, Mark Kohan, Andrew Golebiowski


806 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo NY 14200
Fillmore Council District
SBL Number: 111.36-3-6
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Broadway Fillmore Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.

Physical Description

2 1/2 story frame house from the late 1800s, with a brick front addition.

Current Condition

Currently undergoing stabilization and restoration after having been vacant for many years


  • 1897 - Built for Dr. Irving Potter, who did extensive work with breech births. He was President of the Erie County Health Commission." Chrissy Lincoln
  • 1907 - Purchased by Dr. Francis E. Fronczak
    • "House of Buffalo's first Health Commissioner, leader in the national Public Health movement, and well-known area citizen, Dr. Francis E. Fronczak. Also the former home and office of his daughter, Dr. Eugenia Fronczak Bukowska." Andrew Golebiowski
  • 1941 - The doctor hired famous Polish-American architect, Joseph E. Fronczak, to expand the home with a brick addition. Am Pol Eagle
  • 1970s - After Dr. Eugenia Burkowski moved out, Rev. Alexis Zaryk transformed the building into St. Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Am Pol Eagle
  • Last owned by the founder and publisher of the Fine Print News, Ron Fleming.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • July 2, 2010 - Owner Ron Fleming dies.
  • 2013 - County taxes begin to go unpaid.
  • July 6, 2015 - Demolition was scheduled
  • July 17, 2015 - 30 day stay of demolition granted
  • August 18, 2015 - City Court Judge Patrick Carney issued an order for the demolition of 806 Fillmore Ave.
  • October 2015 - A new owner has been found. Julie Reiss: "Anyone watching for 806 Fillmore in the upcoming In-Rem won't find it auctioned when the proceedings take place. It finally has a new owner and major repairs will begin very soon- a huge preservation victory for the neighborhood!"
  • October 15, 2015 - Purchased by Broadway Fillmore Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. (BFNHS)
  • March 2017 - Per Stephen Karnath, Executive Director of BFNHS: "To date, we have spent almost $150,000 on the property, including $11,000 in legal fees to stop the demolition. The property has been stabilized, but will require another $300,000 for complete restoration."

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Oct. 20, 1874 - Dr. Fronczak born in Buffalo, N. Y. Elementary education received at St. Stanislaus. Bachelors degree from Canisius College in 1984. Masters degree from Canisius in 1895. LL.B. degree from UB Law School in 1899. Ph.D. degree (honoris causa) in 1917 from UB. M.D. degree (honoris causa) from Warsaw University, and Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. Who's Who -
  • Dr Fronczak was a columnist for Buffalo Express and wrote 27 books on medicine. Who's Who -
  • 1896 - Dr. Fronczak elected first assemblyman of Polish descent to the State Legislature of New York. Who's Who -
  • 1910 - Dr. Fronczak was first Health Commissioner of Buffalo Who's Who -
  • Dr. Fronczak founded the Erie County Health Department. Forgotten Buffalo
  • 'The Prime Minister of Poland often dined at Fronczaks’ home when he was in town.' Am Pol Eagle
  • Ron Fleming was a local All-High football player once drafted by the San Diego Chargers. Buffalo News


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