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Sacred Heart Church complex

  At Risk      High Risk      Demolition By Neglect
January 25, 2012
February 18, 2012
Photo by Buffalore, David Torke fixBuffalo, Mike Puma ViewsOfBuffalo


198 Emslie Street, Buffalo NY 14206
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 111.66-9-1
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Next to: Sacred Heart School
Adjacent to: Sacred Heart Rectory, Sacred Heart Convent


PROTAIS NZO KEN as of June 2017

  • Previously:
    • 2017: Listed owner BADIUZZAMAN MD as of January '17
    • 2015: Purchased by Sheryl Bates at the 2015 Inrem tax auction for $1,000
    • 1988: Purchased by Rev. Ronald P. Kirk's Witness Cathedral of Faith C.O.G.I.C.

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Physical Description

Former Roman Catholic Church, Rectory and Convent.

Current Condition

Vacant, windows broken


  • 1875 - Sacred Heart Catholic Church began near the site of the Larkin Administration Building
  • 1913 - Money from the sale of the original church to Larkin was used to build the current complex fixBuffalo
  • 1973 - The Catholic diocese closed the parish and sold the complex to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who later struggled to maintain them. Buffalo News
  • 1983 - 'The propane explosion at a North Division Street warehouse that killed seven people blew out many of the windows in the Sacred Heart buildings.' Buffalo News
  • 1988 - Purchased by Rev. Ronald P. Kirk's Witness Cathedral of Faith C.O.G.I.C.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • December 27, 2008 - The school was demolished at taxpayer expense of $163,000
  • March 17, 2011 - Buffalo's Housing Court Judge Patrick Carney issued an arrest warrant for Rev. Kirk fixBuffalo
  • February 2012 - Housing Court Judge Patrick Carney issued a demolition order for the church fixBuffalo
  • June 20, 2017 - The rectory was demolished

Other Pertinent Facts

  • The parcel contained 4 buildings:
    • The church - - At risk of demolition by housing court order
    • The school - Demolished December 2008
    • The rectory - Demolished June 2017
    • The convent - At risk of demolition by neglect


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