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Union Meeting House

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Photo by Cornell University, Bernice Radle, Jibreel K. Riley


44 Breckenridge Street Buffalo, NY 14213


  • 44 Breckenridge LLC, Bill Breeser
  • Bill Breeser owns a number of buildings within a block or so of this building.

Physical Description

  • "The church is a two-story brick Federal style gable roof rectangular building on a high stone basement. The rectangular structure is four bays deep and three bays wide."

Current Condition

  • Roof is good, building is secured and used for storage.


  • Federal style church building built in 1827.
  • The oldest church in Buffalo and one of the oldest buildings.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Local developer Bill Breeser has purchased the building, plans to stabilize it and then restore it.

Other Pertinent Facts


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