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Concrete-Central Elevator

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1919, click for larger image

Concrete-Central Elevator
Photo by HAER, 1994

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175 Buffalo River, Buffalo NY 14203


  • City of Buffalo.

Physical Description

  • Capacity: 4,500,000 bushels
  • Dimensions: 960 x 72
  • The largest grain elevator ever built in the Buffalo area, and the furthest upriver on the Buffalo River.
  • Not accessible by road; can be viewed from Catherine Street or from the river.

Current Condition

  • Abandoned. Being scrapped heavily.


  • Built by the Eastern Grain Mill and Elevator Company in three stages between 1915 and 1917.
  • Designed by H. R. Wait.
  • Used for grain transshipment until 1966.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

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