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The Parade Building

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Photo credit: Mike Puma, ViewsOfBuffalo, Christina Lincoln


1037 Genesee Street, Buffalo, NY 14211


  • Roosevelt Mitchell

Physical Description

  • Three story brick apartment building with first floor retail storefronts.
  • Notable features are the original oriel windows, an increasingly rare element. BuffaloAH B/F Neighborhood List

Current Condition

  • Exterior in stable unused condition with many original details, but in need of remodeling. Interior unknown, possibly some floor collapse.


  • 1900 - Constructed under the name “The Parade,” based on the original name of Olmsted's MLK Park.
  • 1902 - Printers Haarmeyer & Balduf, Union Advertising and Printing Co., and the New Jersey Aluminum Co. were tenants
BuffaloAH B/F Neighborhood List

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • March 2017 - Spray painted red warning boxes seen on the building, a common precursor to demolition. The building has some floor collapse in the rear, and is in housing court.

Other Pertinent Facts


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