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Curtiss Malting Company

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Curtiss Malting Company
Curtiss Malting Company

Click for larger image. P-RS, Dennis Maher, Giles Kavanagh


1100 Niagara Street, Buffalo NY 14213
Niagara Council District
SBL Number: 99.41-1-14.111
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1100 Niagara Street LLC per city property viewer.
Giles Kavanagh per Buffalo News.

Physical Description

45,000 sf warehouse building.

Current Condition

Vacant and deteriorating, but under responsible ownership.


  • Built as the Curtiss Malting Company.
  • Was an Agway warehouse at one time.
  • Buffalo News:
    • "The 1899 facility was one of the first in the country to harness electric power from Niagara Falls, using it to run a series of malting drums to process the malt.
    • In 1911, the building was sold to the Fleischmann Co., a large multistate malting operation, until
    • Prohibition caused the company in 1920 to become a farmers’ cooperative grain warehouse, which it remained for 62 years.
    • An unusual, square-shaped concrete grain elevator on the southeast side of the property stands as a testament to that period."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2014 - Site of a large "Buffalove" installation built as part of BYP's Valentine heart-bombing of worthwhile structures in need of attention.
  • 2015 - A one story add-on structure to the front was removed.
    • Per the owner, Giles Kavanagh: "Fret not. Original building is in surprisingly good shape. I own it. It would be demo'ed over my dead body."
    • When asked about potential reuse: "Not sure what to do, but likely event hall, beer hall. Inside is a natural stage. Probably will be open to multiple functions: weddings, New Years, oktoberfests, concerts, theater, dance."

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