Fire House Engine No. 24 / Hook & Ladder No. 7


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Photo credit: Meagan Baco,Chris Hawley,Christina Lincoln,Ron Reinhardt


110 Leroy Avenue, Buffalo NY 14214
Masten Council District
SBL Number: 89.44-7-34
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City of Buffalo (Fire Department)

Physical Description

Two-story brick firehouse.

Current Condition

Not in use as a firehouse, but secure and in good condition.


  • Engine 24 of the Buffalo Fire Department. Designed by E. B. Green, built in 1894.
  • Wikipedia: "Engine 24 provided 113 years of service to the City of Buffalo, and was closed in early 2006."
  • Note from a reader: "My name is Brian Benning and my father Melvin Benning was the tiller man on Ladder 7. He was there from the forties until he retired around 1961. One thing that I remember that he built a boat upstairs but could not get it down the stairs. The solution was to use the ladder truck and bring it though the window. The name of the boat was “BUPPS”, that was my nickname. I am 80 years old and I felt that someone should know."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • September 2014: Jim Fink of Business First reports "John Ciminelli, LPCiminelli senior vice president, hopes to do just that [turn the building into his own residence] with the former Engine 24/Ladder 7 firehouse at 110 Leroy Avenue. Ciminelli has the 10,000-square-foot firehouse, which dates back to the 1890s, under contract and will proceed with his proposal pending approval from the Buffalo Planning Board."
  • September 2014: Per Chris Hawley of the City's Planning Department, Ciminelli is planning to renovate the building (see third photo on this page).
  • Ladder No.7 has relocated to Fire House Engine No. 34
  • Painting for Preservation site, May 17, 2014.

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