Saint Gerard's Church


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1152 East Delavan Avenue Buffalo, NY 14215
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University Council District
SBL: 90.73-5-13.1
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  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo

Physical Description

  • Exterior is constructed of Indiana limestone in a Roman Basilica style

Current Condition


  • Building was constructed in 1911 and was designed by architects Schmill and Gould.
    • Modeled after St. Paulís Outside the Walls in Rome
  • Significant enlargement in 1930.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Mary Our Queen Parish in Norcross, Georgia has stated their intention to disassemble and move the church to their parish.
  • 2014 - Preservation Buffalo Niagara (PBN) is trying to find a buyer for the property. ďSt. Gerardís was built in 1911 and designed by Schmil and Gould who modeled it after St. Paulís Outside the Walls in Rome. More information, as well as additional photos, can be found in Preservation Buffalo Niagaraís Buildings Catalog under St. Gerardís (see here).Ē Ė PBN
Now that the church is apparently remaining in Buffalo (see story), itís time to get the church into safe hands that will be responsible for its future moving forward.
Interested parties should contact PBNís Director of Operations, Christina Lincoln, at 716-852-3300 or email her at
  • 2016, Buffalo News: "The congregation of Mary Our Queen paid $75,000 for the churchís stained glass windows, pews, altars and other religious items, which will be incorporated in a new church it is building."
  • Buffalo News, 1-17-2017: "The buildings would be sold for $120,000 in cash to Alawi Abdulla, Ammar Shaibi and Sadi Mohamed, according to a signed contract. They are identified as representatives of a 'to-be-formed religious corporation,' meaning the church building would continue to be used for religious purposes."

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