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1168 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY 14222
Parcel now part of the Canisius High School campus
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Delaware Council District
SBL: 100.31-5-2.1
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Next to: Irma Manor and Canisius High School / Rand Mansion
Across from: Sovereign Apartments


THE CANISUS HIGH SCHOOL OF BUFFALO NY per City of Buffalo Property Information
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Physical Description

Current Condition

Demolished in 1957. Still a surface parking lot to this day.


The Milburn House was where President William McKinley died after being shot at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition. The house became a popular tourist site, before it was converted into a hotel and later demolished in 1957.

  • 1861 - Mansion built.
  • 1888 - John G. Milburn, a leading Buffalo lawyer, bought the mansion.
    • "Milburn was a main organizer of the Pan-American Expo and made extensive renovations to the house to prepare to host dignitaries visiting Buffalo for the 1901 exposition. President McKinley stayed at the home during his visit to the expo, and he was taken there after he was gravely wounded by an assassinís bullet. The president lingered there for eight days before dying. After the presidentís body was taken away, police kept the house under guard to thwart the souvenir hunters who were chipping off stone and brick from the house and pulling branches from the trees on the property. " The Buffalo News
  • 1904 - Milburn moved out
  • 1907 - House damaged in a fire
  • 1919 - Converted to apartments
  • 1948 - Purchased by the Jesuits who ran the neighboring Canisius High School
  • 1957 - Demolished
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