124 Coit Street


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1940s photo credit: Forgotten Buffalo


124 Coit Street, Buffalo, NY 14206
SBL: 111.59-5-15
Fillmore Council District
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Physical Description

Two story wood framed house

Current Condition


  • Per Forgotten Buffalo: "My grandparents home located at 124 Coit Street is typical of the thousands of wood framed dwellings built by German developer Joseph Bork. It was Bork who donated the land for St. Stanislaus Parish. In addition to Bork, ownership of the property can be traced back to Charles Townsend (Townsend St.), Guilford Wilson (Wilson St.) and George Coit for whom the street is named after. The lot size is 30 feet (Front) by 108 feet (Deep). The barn in the rear of the picture was built by the Broadway Brewing & Malting Company and still stands today (2004)."

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