Locust Street Art


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Locust Street Art
Locust Street Art

126 Locust Street, Buffalo NY 14204


  • Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes Inc.

Physical Description

  • Three story brick building.

Current Condition

  • In use as an art school.
  • Challenges in roof and other maintenance.


  • Convent for many years.
  • Locust Street Art started free art classes in the building in 1959.
  • Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes bought the building in 1980.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts

  • From Burchfield Penney Art Center, December 2016: "As with most non-profit programs, LSA has had its financial challenges. The past year was no exception. The beautiful historic building in which Locust Street Art holds its free classes, located in the Fruit Belt just behind the medical campus, is starting to show its age. A lot of the funding has been tied up in fixing and maintaining the building. LSA invested in a whole new heating system after the old radiators burst last winter season. Two separate storms caused fallen trees that damaged the exterior bricks, gutter system, and windows of the building as well. With so much going into the actual structure of this institutional gem, there is not much room to continue flourishing. Because of the setbacks over the past year, LSA had to close its doors for periods of time, yet the staff and students remained committed and dedicated to the school."


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