Hotel Broezel


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129 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14203
Parcel no longer exists.

Next to: Buffalo Envelope Co.
Across from: Burt & Sindele Candies, Burt & Sindele Confectioners, and 136 Seneca Street


City of Buffalo or the NYS DOT

Physical Description

Six story, brick and stone, 175 room hotel, on a corner parcel

Current Condition

Demolished. Now part of the land taken up by a I-190 exit ramp


  • 1875- Restaurateur John Broezel built the Broezel House at Seneca and Wells Street
  • 1887 - Broezel sold the property to B.L. Sheldon & Son, six months before he passed away in October 1877.
  • 1889 - The original Broezel House was destroyed in the Great Seneca Street Fire of 1889.
  • April 1890 - B.L. Sheldon & Son opened the new Hotel Broezel at the same location.
  • Early 1900s - Hotel businessman John E. Boldt assumed proprietorship until his death in April 1906.
  • September 17, 1913 - The top floors of the Hotel Broezel were destroyed by a fire that began in the nearby Dirnberger Popcorn Company. None of the 250 hotel guests were injured, but the resultant damage was $150,000.
    • The hotel was rebuilt and continued to flourish until the original New York Central Station closed in 1929. The closure of the station affected many businesses.
  • May 1935 - The Hotel Broezel closed
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Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Known for its advertising slogan "Ask the man who stops there."

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