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January 27, 2008

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1325 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 100.56-3-45
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Slum and Blight Development

Physical Description

Red brick commercial building at the southeast corner of Michigan and Riley.

Current Condition

  • From Kelly Maurer of Slum & Blight Development, 9/26/2014:
"In September we received our stabilization permit from the City and plan to have the stabilization complete before the end of November. Brad Wales is the architect for the stabilization.
Over the winter and into the spring we will be planning some community meetings for fund-raising and input for re-use of the building.
Right now we are thinking along the lines of coffee house/brew pub/performance space in the commercial 1st floor, perhaps using ingredients from the farm across the street (we're keeping the "collapsed" side open as a courtyard - the steel framework is what is being put in this fall) and an apartment on the second floor (will have south facing windows open to the courtyard below). Depending on how the fundraising goes, we intend to incorporate as many environmentally friendly improvements as we can afford: passive/active solar, water catchment, material re-use, etc."
  • From Rob Galbraith, 3/13/2013:
1325 Michigan is owned by Slum & Blight Development, LLC, an entity formed by four people involved in various Farmers & Builders projects on the East Side.
The entire flat-roofed portion is collapsed from the roof to the basement; we've cleaned out the debris and are now working on stabilizing the south wall. Our intent is to turn the building into an apartment and cafe, keeping the southern, formerly flat-roofed portion of the building as an open-air courtyard. The cafe will support farming activities across the street at the Michigan Riley Farm.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2008 - Housing Court Judge Hank Nowak ordered a demolition hearing.
  • 2013 - Debris has been cleared and some stabilization is underway.
  • 2014 - September, owners received stabilization permit from the City. See Kelly Maurer's status update above.

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