1491 Jefferson Avenue


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Photo credit: Christina Lincoln

1491 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo NY 14208


City of Buffalo (Perfecting Title)

Physical Description

2 1/2 story frame two-flat house.

Current Condition

Vacant and boarded.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2002 - Stephen Paskey: 'This property has been owned by, and neglected by, the City since 2002.'
  • January 2017 - Demolition requested by City of Buffalo.
  • January 12, 2017 - Demolition request denied by the Preservation Board. Because this property is located in an historic district, the Preservation Board decision extends indefinitely, rather than the 30 day waiting period of unprotected properties outside a historic district.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Located in the Hamlin Park Local Historic District
    • Significant tax credits are available to help with restoration.


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