Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator


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Photo: HAER, Peter Cimino (click for larger image)
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1515 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo NY 14203


  • 1515 Fuhrmann Boulevard LLC, Ste. 504, 500 Seneca St., Buffalo NY 14204

Physical Description

  • Capacity: Two million bushels.
  • 12.6-acre property that includes the circa 1925-era 66-silo, 173-foot tall grain mill

Current Condition

  • Abandoned as grain facility but parcel has been recently used as boat storage


  • 1925 & 1926 - Constructed by Canadian interests (Saskatchewan Co-Operative Wheat Producers Ltd.), who used it to store grain being shipped to U.S. customers.
  • 1945 - Turned over operations to Superior Grain Corp. Later that same year, a group of investors (Pool Elevator Co.) purchased the complex
  • 1952 - Purchased by Pillsbury for $1 million.
  • 1964 - Purchased by Cargill
  • 1983 - Purchased by Mackey and Langdon
  • 1983 to 2009 - Boat storage and launch facility
History courtesy Buffalo Business First

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2009 - Fire destroyed much of the rigging equipment
  • June 5, 2013 - Site sold for $475,000 at auction by FFZ Holdings. According to Buffalo Business First, the attorney for the buyer hinted at "future plans for the property may include a mix of residential, commercial and some retail options."

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