Hotchkiss-Lothrop House


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December 2016, view from Northeast

Photo credit: Joe Sparacio, Howard Goldman, Anthony James, Howard Goldman


153 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY 14202


  • Howard Goldman, dba Hotchkiss-Lothrop House LLC

Physical Description

  • 2 1/2 story red brick house.

Current Condition

  • Being authentically restored and used by Howard Goldman. Missing an original entrance and front porch.


  • By 1865 - The home of Hiram Hotchkiss, a jeweler.
  • 1889 - After Hotchkiss's death in 1889, the building was sold to prominent physician Thomas Lothrop, whose family resided in the house up into the 1920s.
  • 1920s - Starting in the 1920s it was a rooming house
  • 1930s - Starting in the 1930s it was a succession of nightclubs and restaurants.
    • Including NY Yankee owner George Steinbrenner's Roundtable Restaurant.
  • Owner Howard Goldman, December 2016: "It already existed in the 1850's, but not sure if it was a house. 1860's through turn of century it was a house. Converted to Queen Anne style with turret possibly in mid 1870's. After turn of century it was a rooming house, then with a bar. 1930's became restaurant/bar. The last two windows [in the December 2016 photo] is part of an extension to the kitchen added around 1949. The two story building and that whole side wall of the main house below the two dormers are among the oldest pieces of the house. Not sure if the front and middle were originally built at the same time, or even if possibly the middle section is perhaps the oldest. A new facade was added after early 1870's with the turret. South of the turret actually has a different foundation from the rest of the house and is at a slightly different angle. The two were combined at some point. The property is a wider than normal lot - 49.5 feet."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Late 2000s - Exterior brick paint was removed
  • September 2018 - Erie County is proposing a new or expanded convention center, and one possible location is the block this building is on. A Facebook group has been set up to work together to prevent any demolition, go here for details.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • It was at one time New York Yankee owner George Steinbrenner's Roundtable Restaurant.
  • Home to the Buffalo Waterfront Museum of Vintage Labelmakers, The Ice Cream Museum, and a number of other museum ventures.
  • Currently home to The City of Buffalo Department of Coffee and Donuts.
  • Steve Cichon Park comprises the front lawn
  • The only nineteenth-century dwelling house left in downtown Buffalo.


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