160 Brunswick Boulevard


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160 Brunswick Boulevard. Photos by Mike Puma, Paul McDonnell :)


160 Brunswick Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 14208
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Masten Council District
SBL: 100.27-3-57
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City of Buffalo

Physical Description

Massive two and a half story residential house on a corner parcel

Current Condition


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Other Pertinent Facts

Courtesy Mike Puma, Views of Buffalo:
  • The City of Buffalo enables qualified buyers to purchase a home that has been deemed "homestead eligible" for $1.00 and there are plenty of properties left. There are three main requirements when purchasing a homestead property; the owner must fix all code violations within 18 months, have immediate access to at least $5000, and live there for at least three years. You also have to cover the closing costs of the purchase.
  • As a homeowner with a contributing home you can get a 20% tax credit for qualified rehab work. Examples of qualified rehab work include a roof replacement, electrical and plumbing systems, window replacement, etc. There are three requirements to enroll in the program: the rehab cost must be at least $5000, 5% of that must be spent on the exterior ($250), and home must be a contributing structure.


Although the homestead map on their site may be out of date, you can contact City of Buffalo Dept of Real Estate directly at 716-851-5590, or reach out to research article writer Mike Puma at mike.j.puma@gmail.com.


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