Lyth Cottage


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Lyth Cottage

Photo: David Torke, Fix Buffalo; Mike Puma


16 Harwood Place, Buffalo, NY 14208 ‎
In the Hamlin Park Historic District. Near 1559 Jefferson Avenue. Adjacent to Luke Easter House, to its rear.
Masten Council District

SBL: 100.26-1-44.11

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Matthew B. Newton.

Physical Description

1800s brick cottage house

Current Condition

Nearly fully restored. The original wood windows were restored, the roof was replaced, a new steel beam in the basement is providing additional support, and radiant heat flooring by a local company has been installed.


The cottage was originally built for the family maid of Hamlin Park industrialist John Lyth in 1886. The Lyth family home is still intact and located at 183 Northland Avenue, just behind the cottage. The J. Lyth and Sons Tile Company was a prominent industry begun in 1857 specializing in ceramic tile and sewer pipe which was located a few blocks away from the Cottage. Harwood Place actually gets its name from the maiden name of John Lyth's wife, Mary Ann Harwood. The cottage retains much of its architectural integrity and was built using many of the products that the Lyth Tile Company created. History courtesy David Torke of fixBuffalo and an article in Buffalo Rising by Mike Puma of Views of Buffalo

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • July 1997 - City of Buffalo takes ownership
  • September 2007 - City sells house at auction for $3,800 but deal falls through as buyer opts out
  • October 2009 - City of Buffalo seals roof
  • April 2011 - Purchased for $1 through the City's Homestead Program

Other Pertinent Facts

Owner Matt Newton: "If it weren't for the roof patch (done by the city in 2009), this building would not be standing today, and it offers a great lesson for protecting neighborhood assets that are still at risk."


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