Buffalo Fire Headquarters


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Photo from Vintage Buffalo NY on Facebook. Click for larger image.

Current headquarters under construction in 1931
Current headquarters building, 2005. Photo by Karl Josker. Click for larger image.
1894 Atlas
Photo credit: Vintage Buffalo NY, Buffalore, Joe Sparacio, Karl Josker, P-RS


175 Court Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Also known as 195 Court Street
SBL: 111.45-6-5
Fillmore Council District
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City of Buffalo per City of Buffalo Property Information

Physical Description

Art Deco brick complex

Current Condition

Intact and in use


  • Original headquarters photo is from 1908, and it dates back to the 1800s, as it appears in the 1894 atlas
  • Current headquarters was built in 1931 to house Engine 13, the Hose Company, Water Tower 1 and 2, Service Station, Repair Shops, and supply. 2005, Jason Whelan, commenter on Karl Josker photo gallery

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • The Water Tower and Hose companies were disbanded in the late 1940's. Engine 13 was disbanded July 1, 1994. The building is now the headquarters for the commissioner and office staff. The Reserve Fleet is located in the complex as well. 2005, Jason Whelan, commenter on Karl Josker photo gallery

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