181-185 Elm Street


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Photo credit: Mike Puma, ViewsOfBuffalo


181 Elm Street, Buffalo, NY 14203
SBL: 111.55-7-23
Ellicott Council District
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Next to: 119 Broadway, 177 Elm Street


Castle & Palace LLC per Business First June 2017
Previously FIFTH BATTALION INC per City of Buffalo Property Information
NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database

Physical Description

A pair of 3 story brick commercial buildings with 16,000 sq.ft.

Current Condition

Secure but unused, possible renovation underway


  • Local Historian Jerome Puma: "One of Buffalo's great eccentrics, Virginia Reeb Roberts died in a fire in the building at the left [181] in 1980. She was squatting there after she had to vacate her home at 67 Summit, as the interior of the home she shared with her 103 year old mother was progressively destroyed by numerous Newfoundlands that she raised as hearing dogs for the deaf."+

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • June 2017 - 'Castle & Palace LLC has purchased two buildings on Elm, 181-185 Elm, for $420,000. Their tentative plans call for a mixed-use renovation, with commercial tenants on the first floor and the upper two floors renovated into market-rate apartments, said Jeff Bochiechio, Castle & Palace’s attorney. Bochiechio and Buffalo businessman Joseph Daham are Castle & Palace’s lead partners. Depending on final development plans, the project may cost slightly more than $1 million to complete.' James Fink/Business First

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