190 South Park Avenue


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190 South Park Avenue
Photo credit: Tony Shrigley

190 South Park Avenue, Buffalo NY 14203


  • 4100 Group LLC, most likely Ellicott Development.

You can also view this list at Ellicott's category page.

Physical Description

  • Two story frame dwelling house.

Current Condition

  • Vacant, open to the elements.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • This is looking like demolition by neglect.
  • Facebook, May 2021: A request for demolition went before the Preservation Board on April 1st. The board didn't deny the demo request nor recommend it for landmarking.
  • Facebook, May 2021: Shows up in last November's real estate transactions as being bought by Ellicott Development. They took out the windows last year. They told the Preservation Board it's out of place and too far gone, so they're demoing for an expansion of the parking lot next door.
  • DEMOLISHED June 13, 2021.

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