1934 Elmwood Avenue


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1934 Elmwood Avenue
1934 Elmwood Avenue
1934 Elmwood Avenue
1934 Elmwood Avenue, South building
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Photo credit: Howard Goldman, David Torke

1934 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY 14207


  • Uniland Elmwood LLC, formerly Deni Family

Physical Description

  • Two adjoining buildings on this parcel.
  • Two-story brick commercial/light industrial building ("South building") with loading bays along Elmwood Avenue, being demolished 4/17/2018.
  • Also on this parcel, a three-story commercial/industrial building ("North building"), still standing.

Current Condition

  • Two-story building being demolished 4/17/2018.


  • South building, designed by G. Morton Wolfe, was home to Augustine Automatic Rotary Engine Company.
  • North building was at one time the location of the design/exhibit company that currently exists as Hadley Exhibits.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • North building being demolished 4/17/2018.

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