Buffalo Lighthouse


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Buffalo Lighthouse
Buffalo Lighthouse
Photo credit: LaChiusa

1 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo NY 14203


  • City of Buffalo

Physical Description

  • Stone lighthouse.
  • From an early description: "The tower is an octagon constructed of hewn yellowish Limestone, fourty-four feet high, twenty feet in diameter at the base, and twelve feet at the top, under the cornice. The walls are four feet thick at the base, tapering to two feet at the top, having at intervals of about six feet, iron bands in the middle of the wall to prevent the possibility of spreading. On the inside is a spiral or geometrical stone staircase, so constructed that each step has its broad end imbedded in the wall, while its outer end constitutes a section of a central column. The floors and deck are of hewn stone, the doors and scuttles of copper, and the window sashes of wrought iron, so that there is not a particle of wood in or about the building except the boom, of necessity made of wood, which sustains the copper electric conductor." (via HABS)

Current Condition


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Designated a local historic landmark on 1986-05-08.

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