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Broadway Arsenal / Auditorium / Garage

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Photos: Campaign for Greater Buffalo, Christopher Byrd Broadway Fillmore Alive, Joe Sparacio


201 Broadway, Buffalo NY 14204
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 111.55-3-1.1
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Across from: 167 Broadway, 166-176 Broadway, 180-200 Broadway, and St. Mary's Lyceum


City of Buffalo. This building is the City's Public Works Garage.

Physical Description

Current Condition

Functioning City Public Works Garage.


  • Armory built on plot of land between Broadway and William in 1858.
  • Extension built out to Broadway in 1884.
  • Renovated as a convention hall and auditorium in 1909.
  • Used by the Army in WWII.
  • Converted to a Public Works depot in 1952.
  • Remnants of the original armory and auditorium are visible from the interior.
Historical information courtesy the WNY Heritage Press, NY Times, and Campaign for Greater Buffalo

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • February 25, 2015, Buffalo News: "[Buffalo Mayor Byron] Brown said the plan would be to remove snowplows, garbage trucks and construction equipment from the burgeoning neighborhood near the current facility in the African-American Tourism Corridor. Not only would operations prove more efficient and workers be safer and more comfortable in a new facility, he said, but the removal of the vintage 1890 structure on Broadway would prove ideal for new development."

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Buffalo’s oldest continuously occupied civic building.
  • World's oldest existing structure that has hosted professional hockey.


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