M&T Bank at 2197 Seneca Street


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M&T Bank at 2197 Seneca Street
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Photo credit: Simon Husted

2197 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY 14210


  • M & T Bank

Physical Description

  • Bank branch building in a Mid-Century style.
  • Extensive use of marble inside and out, highly figured on the outside, white on the inside.
  • Dante D'Anthony on Facebook: "Mid-Century American, Marble and Sandstone and Aluminum details on the exterior, large windows facing the street and a separate vertical window. The replacement building would most likely have cheap Dry-Vit exterior, window placement that doesn't actually connect the interior with the street. Additionally, functioning buildings as such are ties with the past, they provide a patchwork of connections with different times and generations that are genuine and physical. This is a piece of 1950s South Buffalo. Is it a Frank Lloyd Wright building in history books worldwide? No. It is, however, a functional part of the neighborhood's fabric and history, and the materials and details are actually better than what will replace it in a new build, most likely."

Current Condition

  • Excellent condition, in use as a bank.


  • Martin Wachadlo: "Originally a Buffalo Savings Bank branch. Opened 1948, enlarged to the south in 1962. Duane Lyman & Associates were the architects for both."
  • Similar in appearance to the M&T bank at 1877 Main Street, recently painted white all over.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Simon Husted on Facebook, January 22, 2020: "Dear South Buffalo neighbors and people who generally care about the neighborhood: The M & T Bank Branch building at 2199 Seneca Street is intended to be demolished for a new building, according to multiple tellers who work there. The building is in fine condition, but is too large and lacks the modern amenities of a drive-thru. After searching who I should call or email at M&T Bank, I settled on emailing and then calling Councilman Chris Scanlon's office, requesting information and intervention to stop the demolition of a key neighborhood landmark near the intersection of Cavenovia and Seneca streets. I urge anyone to take a few minutues to vocalize to city leaders and M&T's management that they should sell the building if they do not want to invest in it anymore. Our neighborhood has lost too many iconic buildings. To settle in losing more means we're going to lose more vibrancy that makes our neighborhood special and worth economic investment. Not to mention it is wasteful and unsustainable to throw a building built to last like this into a landfill."
  • Simon Husted on Facebook, January 27, 2020: Update on the Seneca-Caz M&T Bank Branch:
The bank's Branch Manager, Tony, called my cell today in response to my email sent Friday to M&T's Corporate Communications team about the imminent demolition of the branch building, built in 1948. He said M&T intends to invest in the branch location in one way or another, but there's been no decision if that will mean demolishing the current building to build a smaller one, or renovating the building that stands today.
He said the bank tellers on Wednesday were overstating an option under consideration as something that would imminently happen. It is not true that M&T Bank wants to pursue demolition, he stressed.
Tony said he and M&T intend to coordinate neighborhood surveys and listening sessions before coming to any decision regarding the building and the site. That includes working with the Coalition for a Vibrant Seneca Street.
"There will be no surprises in what we are going to be doing," he said to me.
If keeping the building is the final decision, he said they'll need to find a use for the second floor of the building."

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