21 Penfield Street


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21 Penfield Street, May 2021
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Photo credit: Straubinger

21 Penfield Street, Buffalo NY 14213


  • Craig Labadie

Physical Description

  • Two story brick dwelling house. Located in Old Black Rock.

Current Condition

  • Occupied, being improved.


  • Scott Glasgow, 5/26/2021: "The house at 21 Penfield first appears in its present form on the 1894 Sanborn Map but a brick barn is on the exact same site on the 1889 map. There are no structures on this site on the 1872 map so the date of construction could be anytime between 1872 and 1894. My guess is the barn was converted to a home in the early 1890's."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • John Straubinger, on Facebook, May 2021: "A repair building permit for $150K was issued yesterday for this Penfield St house on the Westside. The permit states "Full interior renovation of a single-family brick home. Includes removing existing rear porch, partially replacing rear sunroom, and building new rear porch and porch stairs". The house was issued another recent building permit for a new metal roof."

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