Empire State Bottling Warehouse


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Empire State Bottling Warehouse.


22 Fay Street, Buffalo, NY 14211
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Lovejoy Council District
SBL: 101.72-3-24
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Across the street from the Wildroot Building


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Physical Description

Original building is a 3 story steel and brick structure with industrial windows and a corner parapet. The extension is a reinforced concrete structure with brick facade.

Current Condition

Building has been in continuous operation since the 1960s and appears to be in good condition. The windows have been bricked up or covered to the west, south, and east, but remain intact on the north side. Google aerial view shows a roof in great condition.


  • March 1920 - John Dunlop & Sons have a three story steel and brick factory constructed
  • January 1934 - Duffy Silk Co. add a garage to the building
  • August 1950 - Wildroot Co. add a shipping platform
  • July 1952 - Wildroot Co. enlarges the building with a 72'x192'x23' add-on for storage
  • May 1957 - Wildroot Co. further alters and enlarges storage age
  • September 1961 - Empire State Bottling purchases building

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