Bank of Buffalo


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Remnants, at 1726 Broadway
Photos by Buffalo Evening News, W.H. Parish Publishing Co, PRS, David Torke fixBuffalo


234 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14202
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 111.69-3-4.1
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Adjacent to: Chamber of Commerce Building
Across from: Marine National Bank, The Peoples Bank Building, JF Haven Building


Allpro Parking LLC as of June 2017
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Physical Description

Renaissance Revival style. It was equipped with vaults, lunch rooms and an electric elevator. It was built to have electric lights, fans, and steam heat.

Current Condition

Demolished in 1989 by Ciminelli Development. The bank was disassembled in numbered blocks for future re-assembly. The site is still a parking lot in 2017.


  • 1895 - Designed by architect Robert William Gibson and constructed in 1895.
  • 1986 - Though promised, protective scaffolding around the dome was not erected during the 1986 demolition of the adjacent Chamber of Commerce Building. The bank building suffered serious damage. The root of both demolitions, and the exaggerated statement of their "deteriorating condition," was the desire to build a failed $20 million office building across two parcels. That plan led to nothing but a surface parking lot.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2013 - Per Buffalo Urban Development Corp (BUDC) and Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE), the property is available for sale through Tim Malchow/Ed McGinn, Ciminelli Real Estate Corp
  • 2017 - Sold by Ciminelli Real Estate Corp to Allpro Parking LLC for $1.25 million, which has no plans for construction. Paul Ciminelli is part-owner of Allpro.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Part of the Joseph Ellicott Historic Preservation District
  • 'As pieces of the walls and the terra cotta around the glass dome were taken down, the pieces were meticulously identified and numbered for reassembly later as part of any new project to be built on that property. If anything is built on the site, they have to incorporate the granite from the building.' Buffalo News
  • Anne Duggan, spokeswoman for Ciminelli Real Estate said the disassembled blocks of the bank are "stored at one of our warehouse locations" and AllPro CEO Richard Serra said "we will be maintaining them as they have been throughout their existence. It will be our responsibility." Buffalo News However, the blocks are actually sitting outside, exposed to the elements, next to the railroad roundhouse near Bailey and Broadway. See Google Aerial of the Bank of Buffalo blocks


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