2381 Fillmore Avenue


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2381 Fillmore Avenue
2381 Fillmore Avenue

August 2016 Repair Work

Photo credit: Mike Puma, John Straubinger


2381 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo NY 14214
Masten Council District
SBL Number: 89.36-3-1
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Emerling Holdings LLC

Physical Description

  • 150,000 square foot commercial/industrial building, currently used as a warehouse.

Current Condition

  • 12/2014: Appears to be vacant.


  • Was Kaufman's Bakery at one time, and before that, Hall's.
  • Currently it's advertised as ECS Warehouse, a "fulfillment warehousing company that offers warehouse storage for frozen, cold and dry products".

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Wind damage to brick veneer, 12/24/2014.

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