240 West Ferry Street


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240 West Ferry Street
240 West Ferry Street
240 West Ferry Street
240 West Ferry Street
240 West Ferry Street
June 25, 2016
<br clear='all' />September 2016<br clear='all' />240 West Ferry Street
Photo credit: Micah Winship


240 West Ferry Street, Buffalo NY 14213
Long, Lat: 42.9154709,-78.8948177


H.E.A.L. International

Physical Description

Two-story brick mixed-use building.

Current Condition

  • January 2016: Building was condemned by the City Department of Permits and Inspections.
  • August 2017: Some rehab work beginning


  • Once occupied by The Office Bar.
  • Most recently occupied and owned by H.E.A.L. International, a not-for-profit working with immigrants and refugees.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • June 25, 2016 - the building is being (partially) demolished, presumably an emergency demolition because of partial collapse.
  • H.E.A.L. International is raising funds to repair the building.
  • August 2017 - Per John Straubinger, rehab work has begun on the building
    • Per local architect Anthony James: 'They had started to fix it up, but then the city erroneously put out a demo order on it, and its condition is due to the demolition starting. Fortunately they were able to stop the demolition, but then the city put a stop work order on the building, which was recently lifted.'

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