245 Dearborn Street


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245 Dearborn Street
245 Dearborn Street
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245 Dearborn Street, Buffalo NY 14207
North Council District
SBL Number: 88.41-3-28
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County listing says David L. and Dorothy Curtis, 4063 Little Hollow Place, Apt. 3, Moorpark, CA 93021. 12/5/2013, David Torke: "According to public records Judge D'Amico signed a foreclosure order on 9/27/12. A Rochester, NY firm represented HSBC in the matter. The California couple no longer own the property. Our good friends at HSBC own the property."

Physical Description

Current Condition

  • Rehabilitated and for sale.


From the 2010 Black Rock Architectural Resources Survey: "245 Dearborn St. ca. 1892-2 1/2 story frame closed front-gabled high-style Queen Anne buiding with Classical Revival details. Full width front porch has brick base with fluted columns and pediment above enty door. Curved bay on second floor. Gable features prominent Palladian-type windows and is supported by brackets. RARE LARGELY INTACT EXAMPLE OF HIGH-STYLE QUEEN ANNE IN THE AREA."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • April 2013 - Real estate listing expired per David Torke, fixBuffalo
  • November 25, 2013 - Preservation board received demolition request (the same description as 2 other houses submitted under the same name):
"DEMOLITION - garage and house roofs are leaking very badly, garage is ready to fall down from rotted wood, house has mold all through it. (Randy Rossow to appear @ 12/5/2013 03:00 PM 901 City Hall)"
  • Scott Glasgow, 12/5/2013: "Just returned from the hearing, the Preservation Board denied the application to demolish 245 Dearborn St. I spoke against the demo, Councilman Golombek sent a representative to also oppose, and the board received a letter from an area realtor opposed to demolition. The realtor pointed out how much the area has appreciated recently and how a similar home on Dearborn St (in good condition) just sold for 117K.
Wells Fargo sent a demolition contractor as their representative, he had a list of multiple properties Wells Fargo was seeking to demolish. All the properties were listed as "full of mold", "rotting wood ready to fall down", and "serious lead paint issues" This was exaggerated of course to make the properties seem hopeless when in fact these issues were minor in nature.
Now the hard work begins, finding someone capable of taking this on, I would be happy to answer any questions about the neighborhood for anyone interested in restoring this home."
  • Preservation Board, 12/5/2013: "Denied: Chairman will notify Commissioner of Permits/Inspections and Councilmember Golombek about the problem and ask that they are addressed immediately. Yvonne McCray, Director ofHousing, will facilitate meeting between the two parties to see if the home can be restored."
  • July 31, 2014 - Buffalo News: "Two of the properties 21 S. Ryan St. on the South Side and 245 Dearborn St. in Black Rock had been foreclosed upon by lender Wells Fargo and targeted for demolition. Instead, Wells Fargo sold the structures to the agency for $1 each and donated money it would have spent on demolition, a total $71,000, to a fund to restore the structures. The urban renewal agency, whose chairman is Mayor Byron W. Brown, expects to also tap into federal money to complete the projects."
  • April 2018: Buffalo's Urban Renewal agency spent $523,600 in federal funds to rehab the house. It is reselling the house for $137,750

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Local residents are trying to find a buyer for this property. Please email us here at P-RS if you're interested and we'll get you in touch with them.

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