257 Minnesota Avenue


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Photo credit: Darren Cotton


257 Minnesota Avenue, Buffalo NY 14215
University Council District
SBL Number: 79.72-6-3
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Joanne M. Skuce, per County Property Information. Reportedly, "a bank, Midland First; First Franklin Financial Corp; Well Fargo as the loan servicer has been paying the taxes on this property. Wells Fargo acting as the loan servicing agent filed a Lis Pendens and a notice of Foreclosure on this property 3/15/2013."

Physical Description

2 1/2 story frame dwelling.

Current Condition

Demolished. Vacant lot.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • March 2014 - Darren Cotton: "Working with the Minnesota Block Club, the University Heights Collaborative was able to get a stay of demolition on this house located at 257 Minnesota Avenue. The Block Club would rather see the house rehabbed and purchased by a homeowner than turned into a vacant lot. The main issue seems to be water in the basement. Any suggestions on how we can get this property into the hands of a capable individual or organization and back on the tax roll instead of headed for the landfill? How do we keep banks accountable? The assessed value of most of the homes on this street is $60,000-$80,000. Demolition does not make financial sense."
  • July 2014 - Demolished.

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