Bernstone's Cigar Store / Third National Bank


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Photo credit: Buffalo News, Publications of Buffalo Historical, and Mark Paradowski


273 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14203


  • FORTY-FIFTH STREET HOLDINGS (NY) INC per propertyviewer

Physical Description

  • Multi-story commercial building with cast-iron façade on a corner parcel of Main Street.
  • In 1962, the upper floors were removed, leaving a one story 3,200 sq.ft. building.
  • Decapitated in 1962.

Current Condition

  • Demolished September 2012. Surface parking lot.


  • Built in the 1850s
  • Designed by Calvin Otis
  • Once used as the downtown home to Third National Bank, which formed in 1864 and moved up Main Street to this location around 1867
  • Ronald Kluger comments: "My wife’s father (Murray Yosim) owned Bernstone’s in 1962 (he sold it in the 1980’s) and was required to remove the upper floors of the building by the City of Buffalo. The bank did not own it and was not responsible for reducing the height. He purchased it around 1955. The story I heard from him was that it was a station on the underground railway."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2012 - The Preservation Board was not notified of the pending demolition.
  • Demolished September 2012.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Joseph Ellicott Historical District


  • 2013 - Per Buffalo Urban Development Corp (BUDC) and Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE), the property is available for sale through Tim Malchow/Ed McGinn, Ciminelli Real Estate Corp, 716-631-8000


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