The Foundry


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The Foundry
The Foundry
The Foundry. 1916 and 2013
Photos by The Foundry.


298 Northampton Street, Buffalo NY 14208


  • Net Positive, Inc.
  • Net Positive is a not-for-profit corporation that operates this building as The Foundry, a business incubator focusing on small startups, artisan and craft businesses and the use of reclaimed materials.

Physical Description

  • "Joist style" daylight factory. One and two-story brick building.

Current Condition

  • Good, being rehabilitated and currently in use as a business incubator. Most windows in the original building have been bricked over. Original cornices in front are intact. Four or five new sub-structures were added to the building over the years.


  • Designed around 1913 by architect G. Morton Wolfe for the Willsey Laundry, a "steam laundry". Was a commercial laundry up through the 1980s.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

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