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325 Jersey Street

  At Risk
April 2017

October 2017
Photo credit: PRS, D. Greenway, D. Brady, M. Harmon


325 Jersey Street, Buffalo, NY 14201
SBL: 99.76-8-4
Common Council District
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RAIMONDO JOSEPH P per City of Buffalo Property Information

Physical Description

Ornate 3 story wood frame house

Current Condition

Fire damaged, boarded up


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • October 10, 2013 - Fire damage
  • May 2017 - (Patty MacDonald on Facebook) A notice of abandonment was posted on the building. This is a last effort to communicate with the owner before the city goes to court to assume ownership of the house. If the city writes it for court, it will take at least six months for the case to be heard because of the backlog, and then the Housing Court judge is notorious for letting cases drag on and on, and for giving irresponsible owners way too many chances. It would be so much better for the house if the owners would sell rather than wait for the court process. For more information, contact Lou Petrucci in the City of Buffalo Department of Permits and Inspections.

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