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351 Tacoma Avenue, Buffalo NY 14216


  • Charter Place LLC

Physical Description

  • Mid-century yellow brick building, former synagogue. Worship space with adjoining assembly space.

Current Condition

  • Adaptively reused as a conference and events center housing the Tacoma Performing Arts Center (TPAC), the Grand Room banquet hall, classrooms and hostel style housing for international medical students.


  • Built around 1950 as Lubavitzer Synagogue.
  • Later used as a Christian church.
  • In 2019, adapted for use as "The Charter Place", an assembly space and hostel for international medical students.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts

  • From The Charter Place website: The Charter Place is a flexible 17,000 sq. ft. complex that was once a former synagogue then church and a small school. It is now primarily a conference and educational center. It also provides excellent space for cultural, team building, fundraising and ceremonial events.
    Large spaces include a lecture hall and balcony equipped with AV equipment (speakers, large screen, sound mixer, microphones and camera) and a piano. The ceramic tiled banquet hall has stages and a full kitchen. Smaller conference, class, laboratory and new shower rooms are available as well. The site has a dedicated 28 car parking lot.
  • info {at} charteredprofessors [dot] com, 716-507-9899.


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