370 Amherst Street


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370 Amherst Street
370 Amherst Street
Photo credit: Sue Cholewa

370 Amherst Street, Buffalo NY 14207


  • 370 Amherst Street Inc.

Physical Description

  • Two-story brick commercial building.
  • One storefront on Amherst Street, two on Grant Street.
  • Apartment/office space on second floor.

Current Condition

  • Some deterioration.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Sue Cholewa, May 5, 2017 - "Watching this historic corner building deteriorate at the corner of Grant and Amherst! The owner died recently. It is in some of the oldest pictures we have of the street."
  • John Straubinger, 4-23-2021: A General Contracting Building Permit was issued yesterday for 370 Amherst St, a one storefront on Amherst Street and two storefront on Grant Street. This space has drawn serious interest and attention in the last couple of years. The permit states "370 AMHERST AKA 368 AMHERST, PLANS FILED, ALTERATIONS AND RENOVATIONS TO AN EXISTING RESTAURANT SPACE TO CREATE " SLICE OF NEW YORK " RESTAURANT".

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