Public School 62


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Possibly 1906


Photo credit: B&ECPL per Joe Sparacio, Karl Josker, PRS


376 Urban Street, Buffalo, NY 14211
SBL: 101.46-3-19.1
Fillmore Council District
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Also parcel 101.46-3-32.1


BROADWAY-FILLMORE NHS INC per City of Buffalo Property Information
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Physical Description

Three story brick school complex with some arched windows, dormers, and ornate entrances

Current Condition

Some of the detail (such as dormers and entry details) has been removed. Already shrunken windows were boarded up entirely some time between 2005 and 2012.


  • 1906 - Built as Buffalo Public School 62
  • 1980 - School closed
  • Per Wikipedia: "Houses Crucial Human Services" - However, that may be old information or occurring in an adjacent building, as the original building is boarded up.
  • 2020 - sold by the City of Buffalo to Broadway Fillmore NHS, who appear to be working with Persistence Preparatory Charter School to turn the building back into a school.
  • 2021 - ongoing renovation.

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