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383 Franklin Street Buffalo NY 14202
Now part of the part of 369 Franklin Street parcel
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 111.30-2-14
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Next to: Cyclorama Building
Across from: 385 Franklin Street and 41 Edward Street


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Physical Description

The building was constructed of stone, brick, and iron. It had a basement and a large tower. The interior architectural design was Italian renaissance. It was partially lit through tinted cathedral glass.

Current Condition

Demolished in 1974. Currently a surface parking lot behind the Cyclorama building.


Built in 1871, designed by architect Richard A. Waite. Seth Grosvenor donated $40,000 for a library; three-fourths of which was invested and the interest was devoted to the purchase of new books.

Renowned private reference library established in 1870; merged much later with the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, whose special collections division is known as the Grosvenor Room. At one point, the library occupied the Cyclorama Building. Original library building was demolished 1974.

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