Spencer Kellogg Elevator


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Spencer Kellogg Elevator

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Photo credit: HAER
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389 and 395 Ganson Street, Buffalo NY 14203


  • St. Mary's Cement Co. (building on Ganson)
  • Sandstone Springs (building on Michigan)
  • September 2018 - Riverworks

Physical Description

  • Capacity: 1,000,000 bushels
  • Dimensions: 283'-4"x56'-8"

Current Condition


  • Built by the Spencer Kellogg company in 1909.
  • The Spencer Kellogg company produced non-comestible oils, such as linseed oil, and used the elevator to store the source product.
  • (From the HAER report) Spencer Kellogg & Sons was one of Buffalo's paramount grain elevating and processing companies. Unlike most of its counterparts on the Buffalo River, the Spencer Kellogg facility did not handle raw grains for foodstuffs or mill flour; rather, the company concentrated on the processing of non-comestible vegetable oils, particularly linseed, which were used in a variety of products. The company existed in Buffalo from 1879 to 1961, growing from a modest one-man operation to become a diversified international enterprise operating in eight states and several foreign countries. Its raw materials were drawn from China, the Philippines, Latin America, India, and the grain belt of America. Despite its far-flung interests, the headquarters was always maintained in Buffalo, and the company was always under family control.
  • The Schaefer Brewing company purchased the property in 1961.
  • The St. Mary's Cement Co. purchased the property in 1985 and is the current owner.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • September 2018 - An investor group, the owners of Riverworks, paid $345,000 to Sandstone Springs to purchase 395 Ganson. Sandstone is an industrial firm led by Canadian businessman and operating partner John Bordynuik, who announced plans two years ago to move his company's research and recycling business from Canada to Western New York.

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