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Spencer Kellogg Elevator


Spencer Kellogg Elevator
Photo credit: HAER

389 and 395 Ganson Street, Buffalo NY 14203


  • St. Mary's Cement Co.

Physical Description

  • Capacity: 1,000,000 bushels
  • Dimensions: 283'-4"x56'-8"

Current Condition


  • Built by the Spencer Kellogg company in 1909.
  • The Spencer Kellogg company produced non-comestible oils, such as linseed oil, and used the elevator to store the source product.
  • The Schaefer Brewing company purchased the property in 1961.
  • The St. Mary's Cement Co. purchased the property in 1985 and is the current owner.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts


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