Young & Swartz Inc.


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Photo credit: Young & Swartz, David Steele, PRS


39 Cherry Street, Buffalo, NY 14204
SBL: 111.32-8-1.1
Ellicott Council District
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YOUNG & SWARTZ INC per City of Buffalo Property Information
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Physical Description

Beautiful brick commercial building on a corner parcel. Two stories plus attic, cornice, mansard roof, with additions added to the north and east. Brick was unfortunately painted at some point.

Current Condition

Original and in use as a brush manufacturer


  • 1860s - Ernst P. Young was Buffalo's first brush maker. He ran his hand-building brush business out of a small downtown studio off Main Street before moving to a building on the corner of Cherry and Spruce.
    • "The original building, and still the company's location today, included a retail storefront, living quarters, manufacturing space and a horse barn & carriage, used for street selling and wagon deliveries throughout the city."
  • 1866 - 'Ben Swartz married Ernst’s sister Katherine Young, and joined the brush business. Ben learned the brush business and he and Ernst became business partners incorporating Young & Swartz in 1866. Young & Swartz, Inc. expanded operations to include a production “shop” and retail storefront.'
  • Early 1900s - 'John Winzig, a prominent Buffalo photographer in the early 1900’s married Pauline Young. Raphael Winzig Sr. became a brush maker and salesman and worked alongside Mr. Young running the company.
  • 1950s - John Winzig's "sons Earl (Bud) and Raphael Jr. (Ray), along with sister Jane, also worked at “the shop” and upon his passing, took the leadership reins in the early 50’s."
    • "As business grew and the neighborhood changed, the building campus was expanded to include additional office, manufacturing and warehouse space."
  • 1970s-Present - 'Ray Jr.’s oldest son Paul joined the company and took control of the manufacturing, bringing automation and new engineering ideas to the company. Working side-by-side with Ray, Paul now runs the company, overseeing all retail, wholesale and specialty manufacturing business and operations, along with Logistics & Customer Relations Director Brian Deeds.'
History courtesy Young & Swartz Inc.

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