Millard Fillmore Hospital, Gates Circle


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Millard Fillmore Hospital, Gates Circle
This building was demolished in Fall 2015.

Existing Buildings

Proposed Buildings
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3 Gates Circle, Buffalo NY 14209


  • Gates Circle Holdings LLC, c/o TM Montante Development
  • Former location of Millard Fillmore Hospital at Gates Circle, last operated by Kaleida Health.

Physical Description

  • A seven-acre site containing a number of buildings, formerly used as a hospital, medical offices and several auxiliary buildings.

Current Condition

  • The largest building was demolished in Fall 2015.
  • Remaining buildings are vacant and secured.


  • The site has been used as a hospital since around 1911.
  • Older buildings include the Buffalo Homeopathic Hospital., designed by George F. Newton in 1911, the Research Building (1911) and the South Nurses Building (1927). See photos at right.
  • These older buildings are considered At Risk, as the developer intends to save them only if historic tax credits can be used for their rehabilitation, which remains to be seen.
  • Location of Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital, last operated by Kaleida Health.
  • The parcel is being redeveloped, partly as an apartment complex for senior citizens.
  • Episcopal Church Home affiliates, operating as Canterbury Woods, is developing the part of the site adjoining the Circle. Designs for their proposed building have been a subject of controversy among nearby residents.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • The newest building, a tower comprising the largest component of Millard Fillmore Gates Circle's hospital complex, was demolished by implosion in Fall 2015.
  • The building complex failed to receive federal historic preservation designation/protection. Mike Puma put the reasons for this decision concisely: "The National Park Service considered the hospital one building. When the majority of that building was demolished, in their opinion it lost too much historic fabric for the remainder to qualify."

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