415 Amherst Street


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415 Amherst Street, previous building
Photo credit: Max Willig
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415 Amherst Street, Buffalo NY 14207


  • Max Willig

Physical Description

  • Stone two-story bank building

Current Condition

  • Adaptively reused as an architect's office (Max Willig).


  • From Max Willig, architect: In 1960, Marine Trust Bank gave The Amherst National Bank Building, 415 Amherst Street to the Assumption Church next door, when they built their new branch in 1960 at Amherst & Tonawanda Streets. That was just before the Church brought Jozef Slawinski from Poland to Buffalo to execute his first sgraffito murals in this country at the Chuch.
Slawinski lived for the year he was working at Assumption in a small apartment which was in the bank building's mezzanine.
Father Richard Jedrzejewski, the Priest at Assumption Church, remembered seeing large easels in the apartment, with charcoal drawings of Slawinski's, which were the studies for the final murals.
I purchased the Bank Building in 1996, and have since been engaged in a restoration and adaptive re-use of this magnificant structure. The building is now my home & office. via BuffaloAH

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