Barns at Buffalo State College


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Barns at Buffalo State College
Barns at Buffalo State College, in use as pig barn
Barns at Buffalo State College
Barns at Buffalo State College

Photo credit: PRS
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Rockwell Road, Buffalo NY 14222


  • Richardson Center Corporation

Physical Description

  • Wooden barn complex.

Current Condition

  • In use by Buffalo State College for equipment storage.


  • Part of the farm at the Buffalo Lunatic Asylum.
  • The barn was constructed in 1928 from repurposed barn timbers and materials and was an integral part of the campus's Kirkbride Plan-inspired design, which emphasized ample light, restorative surroundings and work therapy as treatment for patients. (UB)

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • January 2020: A graduate preservation planning studio has completed an adaptive reuse proposal for a 19th century barn located on the historic Richardson Olmsted Complex in Buffalo.

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