479 Amherst Street


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Edward Peszko, second proprietor

October 2017, windows installed

Valentine J. Homik, first proprietor
Sue Cholewa


479 Amherst Street, Buffalo NY 14207


  • Susan Cholewa dba Black Rock 1, LLC

Physical Description

  • Former gas station with apartments behind and on second floor.

Current Condition

  • Being restored by owner Susan Cholewa.


  • Mark Peszko on Facebook: "Edward Peszko, my dad, pictured upper right. I grew up upstairs at 481 Amherst St. The building was designed by architect Karl Schmill. He also designed Assumption Church and School. He and his father were the architects of choice of Buffalo's Polish clergy. Many churches and schools on the East Side were designed by them."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Owner Susan Cholewa: "2 years ago today [July 2013], I bought the 1920's gas station at Amherst and Howell! It had no gas, electric, heat or water. There was 3 ft of water in the basement, two holes in the roof( which had allowed water to destroy the flooring on the second and first floors), collapsed ceilings and broken windows. The balcony had severe structural issues and the building was filled with garbage. As of today, there is a new roof, water and electrical service, The basement is dry( some damp spots) the upstairs is framed and the bathrooms plumped. The garbage is gone.The original windows that could be restored are back and the balcony was rebuilt. I'm not a big developer so it takes time and money! There were times that the only way I survived was doing a shot of Blackberry brandy at Casey's Tavern across the street. Tears, sleepless nights, extreme stress but never the idea of quitting. I am honored to be its steward and will continue full steam ahead!"
  • Sue Cholewa, 10-20-2017: "Four years and 3 months after purchasing the old gas station, I have my Certificate of Occupancy for the upstairs! Still a lot of finishing touches but I only did it with the help of Mark Peszko, Greg Nikiel, John Torres, Kevin Bowen, Christopher Schell, Arman Afshani Andrew Emerson and many others who were my angels when things got tough! Their encouragement and guidance will never be forgotten! A special thank you to Aaron Wisniewski ❤who put up with my stress and crying when things were not going well. Thank you all for the amazing kind words and encouragement! Go Black Rock and Buffalo!!!!!"

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