Little Harlem Hotel


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494 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo NY 14203


  • Ralph Maraszek

Physical Description

Current Condition

  • Vacant lot.


  • From a historical marker at the location: "In 1934 Ann Montgomery converted her ice cream parlor and Oriental Billiard Parlor on this site into the Little Harlem Hotel. Cab Calloway, Billy Eckstine, Della Reese, Sarah Vaughn and many others performed and stayed here when downtown hotels were segregated. Many entertainers returned in later years to dine and mingle with regular patrons, and heavyweight champion boxer Joe Louis stayed overnight when he was in Buffalo. Famous for its Chinese food and decor, the club was one of the oldest African American businesses in Buffalo and a favorite meeting place for African American political and business leaders. The building was destroyed by fire in 1993."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Designated a local historic landmark on 1980-09-11.

Other Pertinent Facts


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