529 Franklin Street


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February 2019

February 2019

February 2019

February 2019, March 2024
Photo credit: S. Hertel, ‎Joe Herzlichwillkommen


529 Franklin Street, Buffalo NY 14202
Fillmore Council District
SBL Number: 100.78-7-15
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  • Marc Antecki

Physical Description

  • 2 1/2 story brick house.

Current Condition

  • 2014, also 2024: Boarded up. Per July 2014 sign, Sinatra Real Estate plans to create "luxury apartments".
  • March 2024: Hole in roof in front. Roof entirely gone in back, walls in back degraded.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • July 2014 - Sign indicates that Sinatra Realty Co. will be renovating the house into luxury apartments.
  • April 2021 - listed for sale, $150,000 asking price
  • July 28, 2021 - Joe Herzlichwillkommen on Facebook: "Cleanup crews emptying out 529 Franklin and boards taken off windows. House was pulled off Zillow a few weeks ago. I asked one of the workers in front of the house and he said someone was going to fix up that house and the rooming house next door. Don't know if it's true."
  • March 10, 2024 - Joe Herzlichwillkommen on Facebook: "It was purchased going on three years ago this July, after a decade of neglect by Nick Sinatra and then further neglect and a demo attempt by Nicholas Castine of Williamsville. There seemed to be some work in the basement going on, a large hole was dug next to the foundation. However the roof continues to deteriorate in the front building, completely collapsed in the rear. I haven't noticed any attempt to secure the building from collapsing further."

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Part of the Allentown Historic Preservation District.


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