54 Plymouth


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54 Plymouth.
Photo by P-RS


54 Plymouth Avenue, Buffalo NY 14201
SBL: 99.84-4-12.1
Ellicott Council District
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John Gulick, dba J.A. GULICK PROPERTIES LLC, per City of Buffalo Property Information
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Physical Description

Two-story frame house from 1880's. Being restored by owner.

Current Condition

Being restored by owner John Gulick, who also owns 50 Plymouth.


Real Estate Broker Lauren Kostek on recent history: "50 & 54 Plymouth were two houses on one lot. I loved the size of the houses and I believed they could be great single family homes one day. With the help of Mark Grisanti, we were able to secure the properties. We split the lot right down the middle and made them two separate parcels. It took almost a year. I asked John Gulick if he wanted to buy them, in the end, because John does high quality renovation work. I wanted him to do great windows because that's his business. As you can see, he lived up to his promise. As far as cost, John has a lot of money into 54 so far and he hasn't finished the inside. There was a lot of structural work needed. These properties were not just for anyone to take on."

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